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Getting a driver's permit in Sweden (B-körkort).

It’s time for an enjoyable upgrade swedish driving license theory test in english! Today I’m mosting likely to speak about getting a swedish driving license in Sweden (or rather, what I had to go through to obtain my swedish driving license categories). 


Listen up, Americans… This ain’t no joke driving licence questions correct answers driving tests. The examination is way tougher than you believe.


Increase your hand if you moved here and discovered that your driver’s license was just good for the first year that you were here? I’ve constantly thought that was weird– as if we would all of a sudden neglect how to drive as soon as the 366th day comes rolling around.



Maintain your hand raised if you thought that it was immaterial for you to get a brand-new permit since you drove back in your home country, or you chose to hold off the procedure since you really did not think you would need a cars and truck.

To obtain a swedish driving license theory test in Sweden, you have to go with four actions.

1) First, you require what’s called a körkortstillstånd swedish driving license theory test in English, a vehicle driver’s license. You need to get your eyes taken a look at, fill out a health and wellness affirmation, and also pay 220 kr to obtain the permit. The license benefits five years, after which you can simply renew if you have not obtained your certificate yet.


2) After you have your authorization, you require to make a decision whether you want to practice driving on your own or with a driving school. 


If you intend to practice driving by yourself, you need to finish a training program together with the person who will supervise and also show you.


This is much more significant than the procedure in the United States! Driving colleges are everywhere and also lots of people recommend going through one of those swedish transport agency practical driving test. 


Throughout this moment, you should be studying the theory publication too. There are a range of different publications, however I obtained my friend’s STR (the Swedish driving institution organization) book in English.

swedish driving license theory test

3) Go To Threat 1 and also Danger 2– you can’t fail them swedish transport agency practical driving test. Attendance in jeopardy 1 and Threat 2 is likewise valid for five years. Threat 1 is an educational session about the impact of alcohol and drugs on driving actions. This course advised me a bit of the Red Asphalt video clips that we saw in Driver’s Ed, but without a lot gore.

Danger 2 swedish driving license theory test is the fun component. Halkbank It’s an useful method for the student driver to understand the influence of rate on auto performance and also security specifically on poor road conditions (ice or water, and so on). 

You drive around with a few other aspiring pupils as well as the trainer will increase the cars and truck by a few millimeters, which is just enough for the cars and truck to lose traction as well as imitate bad road problems. You brake, you erase, take the vehicle in a 360-degree turn, swedish driving theory test wind up in a ditch somewhere… It’s tons of fun as well as it was extremely useful also! I wish we did this back in the US.

4) Once you have actually finished Threat 1 and also Threat 2 as well as really feel all set to do the theory (” teoriprov”) and practical tests (” uppkörning”, essentially ”increasing”), you simply need to reserve a location as well as time with Trafikverket as well as pay the fees. 

It’s 325 kr for the concept examination and 1200 kr for the practical test. In Stockholm, the theory test is taken at a different place than the dry run. If you pass the concept test, you have 2 months to pass the practical test. 

Occasionally people fail the theory examination but pass the dry run. The same uses there– you have two months to pass the theory test, or else you have to do everything throughout once again.

svensk körkort, getting a swedish driver's license

how to get a swedish driving license

Currently, back to my tale swedish driving license theory test. After 7 years of living right here, I ultimately chose to get back into the procedure. It was the last remaining point on my checklist before I can call myself completely Swedish. 


I had a personnummer, I had a house, as well as I also had citizenship which let me enact the recent EU as well as Swedish elections. However I could not lawfully drive in this nation.

I had actually applied as well as received my körkortstillstånd in June 2010. How to get a swedish driving license categories so I just had till June 2015 to obtain my permit. I had actually also taken 2 driving lessons as well as attended Risk 1 and also Danger 2 in 2011. 


Seeing that it had been 3 years considering that I last drove in Sweden, I decided to practice with a driving institution. I scheduled 4 lessons and after those four swedish driving license theory test in english. 

getting a swedish driver's license

My instructor proclaimed I was ready for the uppkörning. I was thrilled– every lesson getting a swedish driver’s license that I don’t need saves me 1200 kr! He urged me to call the driving institution the next day to book a time with Trafikverket. 


However, as I was taking a trip a great deal during the following few weeks, I decided it was way too much headache to attempt to match my timetable with his and then with an opening at Trafikverket. In the long run, swedish driving theory test I called and scheduled my very own time at Trafikverket: the concept examination during the early morning as well as the practical test in the mid-day.

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